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Technical Visit Acta <> RBE

Visita Técnica Acta-RBE_1 (1).jpg

During the 25th and 26th of November 2021, at the Escola Paulista de Enfermagem of the Federal University of São Paulo, the technical visit of the journal Revista Baiana de Enfermagem (RBE) to Acta Paulista de Enfermagem (ACTA) took place.


It was a scientific meeting of notorious importance for the dissemination and production of knowledge in nursing based on the rigor of research methodology, ethics and editorial trends, with the objective of boosting bibliometric indicators of nursing journals that disseminate, especially, research in the area.


During the scientific and editorial meeting, important themes were discussed that addressed open science policy, the publication of articles from a preprint repository, workshops on "how to prepare high-impact opinions in the field of nursing", the publons platform as a resource for the production of ad hoc reviewers, systems and multimedia in scientific publication, criteria for permanence and indexing in national/international databases and fundamental themes for the increase in downloads and, consequently, in citations of articles published in scientific journals.


There were two days of important discussions that provided new paths and strategies for the development of science in nursing. For the benchmarking, the Chief, Scientific, Technical, Associate Editors and the Editorial Office of ACTA and RBE were present. "We understand that meetings like the one held are fundamental for the advancement of knowledge and new discoveries, making journals increasingly excellent vehicles for scientific dissemination in the health area", completed Prof. Dr. Alexandre Pazetto Balsanelli, Editor-in-Chief of the Minutes. From Revista Baiana, Profs. Drs. Nadirlene Pereira Gomes (Editor-in-Chief - RBE) and Cláudia Silva Marinho (Editor-Associate - RBE) and Post-Graduate Students Moniky Araújo da Cruz and Jones Sidnei Barbosa de Oliveira (Junior Editors - RBE).

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